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Computer Lock

ComputerLock is a tool to prevent unauthorized persons from using your computer while you are absent. Once set up using the comfortable setup-tool you are able to lock your PC. Computer Lock Logo

Custom Folder

Custom Folder Logo

Why should one think about the appearance of folder icons in Windows Explorer? Because one can. Custom Folder can set icons and images for your folders really fast. But that's not all!

Disk Index Maker

Disk Index Maker keeps the table of contents of your disks, so you don't have to worry to insert disks in order to browse their folders. An easy-to-use interface allows you to start immediately. Disk Index Maker Logo

mp3 Index Maker

mp3 Index Maker Logo

Sure you got Mp3s, propably several hundreds, spread out on to lots of CDs. But what darn mp3 is on what CD? Get your pen and paper out and spend the rest of your life writing a somewhat long list of your mp3s, or use mp3 Index Maker.

PowerTweax xp

PowerTweax xp lets you configure your copy Windows XP easily and quickly. So even Windows beginners can customize their operating systems according to their needs and wishes. PowerTweax xp Logo

Security Advisor

Security Advisor Logo

No information available in English yet.


Do you need to keep the contents of two folders allways up to date? Synchrotron merely replaces older files from these folders; identical files are not copied again. Synchrotron Logo


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Operation Blitz Krieg

Get out your 20mm Vulcan gun and have the fun of your life... Operation Blitz Krieg Logo